Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh the Weather Outside...

Everytime~literally~E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E!!...a cold/cool front
comes thru my little corner of the world,
I get the need ~NO not for speed (movie reference;))~
but the need to BAKE. 
And not just bake some sort of extra-fat goodies, but
the need to bake--every.  single.  recipe.  that I have in
my arsenal!  Literally!!
Is that a bad thing?  I  think not! And I think 9 out of 10 test subjects
would agree with me on that fact.  By test subjects,
I mean those that sleep under my roof...and maybe a
 few select that don't.   
The way I see it, it's best to take advantage of
this nice weather because I can turn the a/c off--open up my windows--
that way, when I crank the oven on, it won't get
hot in here.  Come on, who doesn't
like a lower electric bill, huh?
Plus, I get to tease my neighbors
with the fan-tab-u-lous smells that
exude from my house--(don't be jealous ;))--
 as the breeze blows throughout!
Well, due to time (& energy) restrictions,
(Dr appt's, toddler that now--not just walks, but is running & getting
into literally...EVERYTHING,--hence, the lack of energy, etc)
I have had to reign myself in when it comes to baking time
....what a shame, I know!
I did manage to get SOME baking done...I baked cookies!
Yummy ones, too.  Both Sugar & Gingerbread
cookies~~and I must say, I've got a nice snack to go along with
my coffee now ;)
I snapped a few shots...take a look:


I am so bad when it comes to taking pictures of what I make...
that's why some of these are bagged...some of them
*ahem* were consumed, lol.
I will do my best to take pictures BEFOREHAND, next time
around...I try to remember ;)
Now, it being a nice cool day....
it's time to get myself a cup of coffee...some cookies...
a blanket...kick someone off my couch spot...
& finally, watch tv/movie!
Later--a gingerbread house! ;)
Thanx for stopping by,

Saturday, December 15, 2012


A few years ago, my oldest graduated!
Her party had an Alice in Wonderland Theme~
so needless to say, we had to have a quirky know,
things have to line up at times in girly life!!
I love you being the over-achiever that I am,
I decided to make her cake myself!  I experimented
with a few recipes...found one that my
daughter really loved (Lemon~Raspberry)...I wasn't too thrilled with it
cuz of all the seeds...Y.U.K...they get all stuck
in your teeth & if you don't brush & floss your teeth right,
you'll be having those seeds for breakfast the next day...(Stop it~I did
warn you of the yukiness)...
During my quest, I also tried the Wilton fondant...&
So I went back to the drawing board (ok, the computer)
and I searched....and searched...and searched... 
till I finally found a recipe for homemade
rolled fondant.  At first I was really skeptical but when I finally decided to
try it out...WOW! It was REALLY good!!!
Kid's approved & asked that I never buy, ahem--"that crappy one",
again.   I absolutely vowed to make my own from
that point on.....
Although the fondant came out fan-tab-u-lous....due to time
restraints & work issues (yes, I had a real job back then), we decided to have
the cake was really good tho!  Normal looking on the
outside, but swirly & colorful on the inside!
You know, kept it in line with the movie theme...
On a side note, I did manage to make several dozen cheesecake
 pops~which by the
way, also turned out fan-tab-u-lous!!!  That reminds me,
I've gotta make time to make those again ;)
So just this week, I decided to look for a BETTER Lemon~Raspberry
recipe for us to try out.  I also made the fondant
that we fell in love with...BUT, this time...I played with the play dough 
fondant and made flowers, birds, tree branches,
know, girly stuff...all for decorating the cake.
I have watched SO many videos on decorations made of fondant,
but being the nerd & scaredy cat that I am...I came up with this...
Yea, pretty boring right?  Well, I kinda liked the way it looked~
but at the same time didn't (if that makes sense).
Then I remembered a video I saw that just AMAZED was a post
from Elizabeth Adams (Arty McGoo).  In this video, she is
painting....yes, painting ....on cookies
(using food coloring~I think).
Anyway, it was just beautiful the way she ....turned that
cookie canvas into a work of art!!!
I've mentioned before of how little I know about art...painting included.
But being in a somewhat...daring this point, I
reasoned: "What the heck...give it a try.  This cake is really just
for us here at home.  If I fail...I"
So I broke out just a few food gel colors (Americolor~of course)
and my little pack of paint brushes (which are strictly for food!!!)
I quickly recalled how she worked the paint & brushes
with a little bit of water...So I went to
work!  This is what became
of my cake....
What do you think?  Epic Fail?  Eh-So-So?
or Fairly Decent--for a first timer?
Well, whatever you think, that's fine...I for my Happy! 
Happy that I gave it a go!  Happy that it tastes good, at least!
& Happy that my family & friends liked it!
That is motivation in try again...& again...& again...
till ...well, till I reach perfection ;) we just gotta slice it up!
Leave me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!
Thanks for stopping by!
Buenas Noches Amigos, Cori ;)