Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh the Weather Outside...

Everytime~literally~E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E!!...a cold/cool front
comes thru my little corner of the world,
I get the need ~NO not for speed (movie reference;))~
but the need to BAKE. 
And not just bake some sort of extra-fat goodies, but
the need to bake--every.  single.  recipe.  that I have in
my arsenal!  Literally!!
Is that a bad thing?  I  think not! And I think 9 out of 10 test subjects
would agree with me on that fact.  By test subjects,
I mean those that sleep under my roof...and maybe a
 few select that don't.   
The way I see it, it's best to take advantage of
this nice weather because I can turn the a/c off--open up my windows--
that way, when I crank the oven on, it won't get
hot in here.  Come on, who doesn't
like a lower electric bill, huh?
Plus, I get to tease my neighbors
with the fan-tab-u-lous smells that
exude from my house--(don't be jealous ;))--
 as the breeze blows throughout!
Well, due to time (& energy) restrictions,
(Dr appt's, toddler that now--not just walks, but is running & getting
into literally...EVERYTHING,--hence, the lack of energy, etc)
I have had to reign myself in when it comes to baking time
....what a shame, I know!
I did manage to get SOME baking done...I baked cookies!
Yummy ones, too.  Both Sugar & Gingerbread
cookies~~and I must say, I've got a nice snack to go along with
my coffee now ;)
I snapped a few shots...take a look:


I am so bad when it comes to taking pictures of what I make...
that's why some of these are bagged...some of them
*ahem* were consumed, lol.
I will do my best to take pictures BEFOREHAND, next time
around...I try to remember ;)
Now, it being a nice cool day....
it's time to get myself a cup of coffee...some cookies...
a blanket...kick someone off my couch spot...
& finally, watch tv/movie!
Later--a gingerbread house! ;)
Thanx for stopping by,

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