Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some New Baking Tools!

I love new toys...which for me, are really kitchen/baking gadgets.  But don't tell that to my hubby...or that's what I'll get for our anniversary from here on out... I got these in a few days ago & I just used them.  I'm so excited about them, but now comes the hard part (well for me anyway) ...decorating them!  I get creative block when it comes time to decorate my cookies :/
I keep telling myself to remember all these fluttering ideas that come around just as I'm about to snooze, but my brain doesn't always do what I want it to...story of my life I guess...
In case ur wondering, I got these awesome cutters from Karen's Cookies...had been eyeing these beauties on other websites for a while, but couldn't bring myself to pay those pretty precious pennies for them.  Then came these...& (since I didn't win giveaway ツ)  I jumped at them right away.  Well, I'll have to post a picture of the final decorated cookie, next time around;)

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