Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Sugar Dresses, Frames...& Catapillar Cookies

Ok, so the other day...I decided to try out a new--well, new to me--recipe that I came
across on "The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle" website (I absolutely LOVE her creativity
& think she is just amazing ;)).  What really caught my attention, was
that every couple of bites, you can get just a little hint of the
salt...not overwhelming, just a subtle taste in the background--and I
really love that about this recipe! 
I also read about Corn Syrup Glaze/Icing, which had never been on my radar before till now.  I adapted a couple of recipes of this icing..according to what I had on hand.  I am always nervous when I try something new, probly because it's just who I am ;)
I really found this icing to be extremely easy to work with!  I loved how
unhurried I was.  With royal icing, I am rushing to get each color batch done & sealed up
so that it doesn't dry out on me.  I always have my main bowl of it on the counter and, with so many kids in the house, I am double checking that the damp towel I place
over the container, isn't pulled off by accident...helping it dry out.
With the corn syrup glaze, I found that I didn't really need to keep it covered.
If it started to look like it wanted to, I just gave it a quick stir and boom!  I was
ready to go!  Another thing I noticed with this type of icing & how easy
it was to color it...I mean...W.O.W!  It took me by surprise how vivid the colors were. 
(* On a side note:  I was multi-tasking when I made the icing...AND...I didn't catch it till I was already stirring it all up--But I grabbed the regular vanilla bottle instead of the clear vanilla & so
my icing was an ivory/creamy tan color instead of white :(  Ooooops!  Good thing these
were just for us here at home, lol) 
That's something I'm going to have to watch out for (yes, both the clear vanilla & the brightness of the color mixes)!  Anyhoo, I paired these 2 recipes...along with my new cookie cutters and this is what resulted!
The one in the middle is what I like to think of as the "dancing dress" because as I
was lifting it to put it on the cookie sheet to bake, the dough kinda went too soft (as I live in a very hot & humid area) or I didn't leave it in the fridge long enough...either way, I think it looks cute!!
I also bought the plaque cutters from Karen's Cookies...and this is what I came up with.  Please keep in mind that I am a rookie and...well, yeah, I'm not there yet ;)  Here is the link: 

These catapillars were made just cuz I had extra dough and wanted to play with another
new cutter...So I decided to make them just for fun!
Well, back to family life!  Have a great night!
Cori ;)  

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