Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cleaning Cutters!

Cleaning up...NO ONE likes to do this!  Of course,
if I'm wrong & you know of someone out
 there who loves it...please send them my way! 
(Note: I can only afford to pay in cookies...no exceptions ;)) 
Oh yea, sure, the anticipation of creating
what's in my mind sends me over the moon (no, not literally...okay,
okay, well maybe a little)...
Then once the cookie is all iced and ready...
I have to convince myself to take a bite,  and believe me,
it doesn't takes a long time for that part ;)--wink wink--
If it's a success, then it'll be a miracle if the cookies survive the night!  And, NO! I don't eat 
them all myself--I do share with my hubby, kids and a few other family
& friends...but only because I want to make sure the weight
 gets distributed evenly between us! 
You know what they say:  "Sharing is Caring"
Boy oh boy, I can be on cloud 9 for days after a successful batch!  It's like nothing
else...it's a powerful thing! .........
What were we talking 'bout?
Oh, yea, Cleaning up those metal cookie cutters can be such a pain...esp those
 little suckers! Yes, the "mini" cutters--SO adorable, yet so
annoying to wash.  Maybe it's just me with my fragile hands, but I always seem to
 give myself a little nick or scratch from
 the edges &/or corners :(
I have read many blogs & I've yet to see one that gives tips about an easy way
to clean them (cutters) up...
But then again, I have an ugly habit of getting to the nitty gritty &
going straight to the good stuff on these blogs...
or maybe it's time I get my eyes checked again...
or...I could be in the early stages of memory loss...
hmm...memory loss......
Cleaning Up...
Well, I just happen to have in my possession this little nifty tool--
It's inexpensive & highly accessible...
Yes...(drum roll)....
The Amazing Bottle Brush!
(ta da...)

I like to use the nipple brush for cleaning the icing tips...

Not only do the little threads on the tip of the brush get
in there and get the left over icing out...

But it's also good for getting into those tight little corners
on the cookie cutters...

Another trick I like for cleaning up is that I like to take advantage
 of the hot oven by letting the heat that radiates from it
dry both my icing tips as well as the cutters too...

All I do is lay a couple of napkins on the stove top and after I wash
the tips and cutters (& beaters, apparently) I place them
on the napkins--they dry completely within like 5 minutes!
(maybe even less)
Easy Peasy!
I don't have a dishwasher...well, aside from my kiddos & hubby........
So, I'm always looking to make things quick and simple
that way, I can get back to the more important things in my life---
like eating more cookies!
I just thought this simple little trick that has helped me,
might help you too!
If you guys have any other tricks, tips, or ideas that have worked for you,
please feel free to share them...I'd love to hear them, they're probably better than mine
so don't be shy!  Share! ;)
See ya,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Sugar Dresses, Frames...& Catapillar Cookies

Ok, so the other day...I decided to try out a new--well, new to me--recipe that I came
across on "The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle" website (I absolutely LOVE her creativity
& think she is just amazing ;)).  What really caught my attention, was
that every couple of bites, you can get just a little hint of the
salt...not overwhelming, just a subtle taste in the background--and I
really love that about this recipe! 
I also read about Corn Syrup Glaze/Icing, which had never been on my radar before till now.  I adapted a couple of recipes of this icing..according to what I had on hand.  I am always nervous when I try something new, probly because it's just who I am ;)
I really found this icing to be extremely easy to work with!  I loved how
unhurried I was.  With royal icing, I am rushing to get each color batch done & sealed up
so that it doesn't dry out on me.  I always have my main bowl of it on the counter and, with so many kids in the house, I am double checking that the damp towel I place
over the container, isn't pulled off by accident...helping it dry out.
With the corn syrup glaze, I found that I didn't really need to keep it covered.
If it started to look like it wanted to, I just gave it a quick stir and boom!  I was
ready to go!  Another thing I noticed with this type of icing & how easy
it was to color it...I mean...W.O.W!  It took me by surprise how vivid the colors were. 
(* On a side note:  I was multi-tasking when I made the icing...AND...I didn't catch it till I was already stirring it all up--But I grabbed the regular vanilla bottle instead of the clear vanilla & so
my icing was an ivory/creamy tan color instead of white :(  Ooooops!  Good thing these
were just for us here at home, lol) 
That's something I'm going to have to watch out for (yes, both the clear vanilla & the brightness of the color mixes)!  Anyhoo, I paired these 2 recipes...along with my new cookie cutters and this is what resulted!
The one in the middle is what I like to think of as the "dancing dress" because as I
was lifting it to put it on the cookie sheet to bake, the dough kinda went too soft (as I live in a very hot & humid area) or I didn't leave it in the fridge long enough...either way, I think it looks cute!!
I also bought the plaque cutters from Karen's Cookies...and this is what I came up with.  Please keep in mind that I am a rookie and...well, yeah, I'm not there yet ;)  Here is the link: 

These catapillars were made just cuz I had extra dough and wanted to play with another
new cutter...So I decided to make them just for fun!
Well, back to family life!  Have a great night!
Cori ;)  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some New Baking Tools!

I love new toys...which for me, are really kitchen/baking gadgets.  But don't tell that to my hubby...or that's what I'll get for our anniversary from here on out... I got these in a few days ago & I just used them.  I'm so excited about them, but now comes the hard part (well for me anyway) ...decorating them!  I get creative block when it comes time to decorate my cookies :/
I keep telling myself to remember all these fluttering ideas that come around just as I'm about to snooze, but my brain doesn't always do what I want it to...story of my life I guess...
In case ur wondering, I got these awesome cutters from Karen's Cookies...had been eyeing these beauties on other websites for a while, but couldn't bring myself to pay those pretty precious pennies for them.  Then came these...& (since I didn't win giveaway ツ)  I jumped at them right away.  Well, I'll have to post a picture of the final decorated cookie tomorrow...er, next time around;)